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Emmy's Everlasting Evolution Excites by c0nker
Emmy's Everlasting Evolution Excites
Commissioned by anonymous with story:

"Emmy was next and she took a drink. Slowly she too began changing and giggled madly as the magic that made Max was tickling her too. She became a light blue and had now a blonde streak in her hair. She kept wiggling her toe's as she smiled and hugged her new tail. She instantly loved her new form. Once she settled down, all that was left was Enrique."
Astonishing! Artie Also Accomodates Another by c0nker
Astonishing! Artie Also Accomodates Another
Commissioned by: artie-p

Artie seems to have this creepy ability to fit into every nook'n'cranny of any household...but on closer inspection, there's something even scarier afoot...


Must we go deeper?
Crisp's Crazy Comically Convoluted Cobra Coil by c0nker
Crisp's Crazy Comically Convoluted Cobra Coil
Commissioned by friskecrisps

..those are some lively shoelaces you got there
Blissfully Bounded, Barely Bothered by c0nker
Blissfully Bounded, Barely Bothered
Commissioned by Seraphon

I completely forgot to upload this ages ago!..somehow.
Furious Fizz Finds Feable Feathered Fossil
Commissioned by: FuryFizz featuring Ahastar

seems village stomping is some kind of holiday or something
Monster Mixture Makes Maximum Metamorphosis by c0nker
Monster Mixture Makes Maximum Metamorphosis
Commissioned by anonymous with story:

"Life for Max, his older sister Emmy, and their friend Enrique got too hard, too fast. A horrible car accident took their parent's away and from what they heard, their immediate families couldn't take them in due to money issue's or sadly cause some didn't want them. The only thing the three thought of was go to Dragon Land and talk with their dragon friend's. Instead they found Quetzal, the teacher who took pity on the sad children. But he knew a way to help them.

He told them the three could stay in Dragon Land for as long as the lived and he promised he'll look after them. As the kid's thought about it until Max asked if they could be dragon's. Quetzal just smiled and said yes, if
they wished. Almost immediately the three said yes to it. So he told the trio to go back home, get whatever toy's, cloth's, and books they want, leave a note for those in their world to know they're okay, just not where they are, come back and he'll take them to his home, and in a few days, they'll start a new life.

When the day came to test the potion, Quetzal asks them to remove their shoe's and socks as he can help make their cloths fit their new bodies, but can't get their footwear. Not until after they transform or if they even want them. Max went first and semi-slowly he began to change. He giggled quite a bit saying it tickled and after a minute, Max the human was gone. Now it was Emmy's turn."

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I just wanted to let you know that I'm still working on that Cosmo game mod that I asked to use Conner Coon in. :D
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Hi there! I just wanted to say that I LOVE how you draw. How you draw dem paws and claws. Though I'm not into fetish feet stuff or whatever,still though your art is amazing! 
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